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GBPD replaces girl's stolen bike
new_slt_bike birthday.jpg Suss
Trinity Hack and Great Bend Police Officer Joshua Suss are shown with the bicycle purchased by GBPD officers to replace her bike that was stolen.

Trinity Hack thought July 2, 2019, would be the worst 10th birthday ever, until Great Bend Police Officer Joshua Suss and crew made it the Best Birthday Ever (a few days early). According to Trinity’s mom, Samatha Zimmer, her daughter’s bicycle was stolen last Friday and by the end of the day GBPD officers had chipped in to buy her a sporty new two-wheeler.

Zimmer said it was odd how the bike disappeared. At 1:26 p.m., she put some brownies in the oven and saw her daughter’s bicycle on the back patio. She thought to herself that it should come inside.

“At 2:10, the brownies came out and the bike was gone!” she said. “I honestly never thought that it would happen to us.”

Officer Suss took her statement and collected a photo of Trinity’s missing bicycle. The family checked with neighbors and posted a photo online asking people to be on the lookout.

That evening Officer Suss returned to the house with a new bicycle.

“He said no little girl should be without a bike for this hot summer,” Zimmer said. Trinity was speechless. “She stared with her mouth open.”

Now Trinity has a new respect for law enforcement officers and whenever a police car goes by she asks, “Is that officer Suss?”