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GBRC Partners with Great Bend Rotary Club
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Christy Tustin with the Great Bend Rotary Club is pictured here presenting a check to the Great Bend Recreation chairman Bruce Hofeling in support of the Fishing and Wishing Program that is sponsored by the GBRC and the Rotary Club.

Everyone enjoys a day fishing at the lake and with the help of the Great Bend Recreation Commission and the Great Bend Rotary Club, the residences of Great Bend have that opportunity.
The GBRC and the Rotary club have joined forces and teamed up to reinstate a program called Fishing and Wishing,
“We are excited to join up with the Great Bend Rotary Club to make this program a success,” GBRC Director Diann Henderson said.
This program provides fishing equipment for the public to use to go fishing at the local lakes in Barton County. There is no fee to use the equipment and can be loaned out through the GBRC.
“This equipment is for anyone to use,” Henderson said. “All we ask is for people to bring it back to us.”
The Great Bend Rotary club also presented a check to the GBRC. The money is to be used for upkeep on the equipment.

Megan Hammeke said bowling continues to be popular with the special needs clients, with 253 participants in August. She also mentioned that special needs and senior classes will get back into full swing in October.
Garet Fitzpatrick reported on leisure programs, noting that the Stop N Learn sessions will pick back up in October.

Directors’ report
GBRC Director Diann Henderson reported that In the month of august, there were 4,986 people were enrolled in programs sponsored by the Recreation Commission. Total participation for the month was 1842, of that total 900 were spectators. A total of 356 hours of supervised recreation activities were offered for the month of august.