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Get a look at the NEW Great Bend Tribune website

On Monday, the Great Bend Tribune debuted a redesigned website with a better presentation of news content and advertising, and a vastly improved online experience for mobile users accessing the site on smartphones or tablets. 

“Our new website is much more user-friendly, and will allow us to do things for our readers and advertisers we have never been able to do before,” said Managing Editor Dale Hogg. “It’s going to be a whole new experience for our audience.” 

The new site features auto-sizing to fit any screen or device. This means you’ll see the same content and advertising whether you’re viewing it from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device. Hugo Gonzalez, Tribune digital designer, said a better mobile experience was a focal point in the new design. 

“The new website is actually designed around mobile as most visitors (about 65 percent) to the site use their smartphones,” Gonzalez said. “The site will also load content faster and have better image and video display.” The new site will have a continuous scrolling feature that results in a never-ending page of information and more news content on the home page than ever before, more photographs and graphics, and new display options for advertisers. 

Free preview

For the next week, the new website will be open to everyone at no charge. After that, only subscribers will have full access to all elements of the site. Nonsubscribers will only be allowed to view a limited number of articles per month. 

Those with established accounts on the old website will need to log in with their email address (on file) rather than their previous user names. 

New subscribers can log in with an email address or by using their Facebook account. New accounts can easily be created by clicking the “Register” button. 

New subscribers can also take advantage of a Special Introductory Offer. Full digital access is free for the first month and only $6.25 per month thereafter charged to a credit or debit card.  

Fans of the Tribune’s e-edition, which lets subscribers read individual pages of the paper as it was printed from their computer, will find easier access on the top right of the new website menu. E-editions are popular for subscribers who want to read the paper earlier or in areas where same-day print delivery is not practical. The size of type can also be enlarged on computer or tablet screens for easier reading. 

According to Shonita Swank, circulation manager, subscribers can get help with digital access if needed by calling 620-792-1211 during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday) or emailing questions to “We’re here to help,” she said.