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Intruderology 101
Police officers conduct class on active shooters
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Officers of the Great Bend Police Department gave a class on what to do if you are in a situation with an active shooter on Wednesday at the Great Bend Activity Center.

With the phrase “active shooter” coming up in the news more often, knowing what to do in this type of situation is very important.
On Wednesday, the Great Bend Police Department conducted an “Intruderology 101” class at the Great Bend Activity Center.
The free hour of training was designed to meet the concerns of the community in reference to an armed intruder or sudden outbreak of violence in the workplace.
“This type of classroom training is important for people,” GBPD Sgt. Jason Settle said. “We never know where this type of situation may occur and being ready for it can save lives.”
The training offered ideas for preventative measures in an active shooter incident. It also provided attendees with a plan on how to react in such situations that could dramatically increase their chances of survival.
According to Officer Jefferson Davis of the GBPD, there are action steps those in this type of situation can take. They include:
• Call 911 as soon as possible
• Alert others to the situation
• Act rapidly and decisively
• Assist others as long as it doesn’t put you in danger
• Secure the building if the intruder is not already inside, and
• If needed apply run-hide-or-fight scenarios.
According to the GBPD, 45 percent of active shooters target commerce buildings with 24 percent targeting education centers. Most active shooters are male.
The active shooter has one goal in mind and that is body count to gain notoriety through his actions, the officers said. Most active shooters do not have an escape route; they either plan to kill themselves or be killed by law enforcement officers.
For more information about the class call the GBPD at 620-793-4120.