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KDOC recognizes two Barton employees
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Barton Community College employees Mark Radenberg and Allan Collins, who work with inmates at Ellsworth Correctional Facility, were named the Outstanding Non-Uniform Employee and Outstanding Contract Employee of the Quarter, respectively, Aug. 22 at an awards ceremony in the Statehouse, where they were greeted by Gov. Sam Brownback and other state officials.
The men were nominated by their peers to be considered, and the awards were issued by the Kansas Department of Corrections. Both said they find purpose in their work, which drives them to provide the best service possible in hopes of having a positive impact on society.
Radenberg, full-time ECF employee and site coordinator for Barton’s Building Academic Skills In Correctional Settings (BASICS) program, said he was surprised, grateful and proud when he was notified.
“I’m honored that my peers think that highly of me,” he said. “I do take pride in what I do. It’s inspiring to see the inmates get involved in college curriculum and see them build their self-worth and self-confidence. We’re working to make the world a better place.”
Radenberg said he’s proud to be a Barton employee, citing the college’s rise to the challenge to collaborate with the facility administration, finding grants and other funding sources when program budgets from the state were being reduced.
Collins, full-time welding instructor at ECF for Barton’s BASICS program, echoed Radenberg’s remarks, saying it’s easy to find value in their work.
“My goal is just to do everything better today than I did yesterday,” he said. “I just come to work and do the best I can with everybody and give them all the information I can. The little bit I can give them might be the little bit they need to change their lives.”
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