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New pickup, loaders purchases OKed
Annual buy-back options working well for county
new deh county commission track loader pic
Shown is a T650 Bobcat compact track loader similar to the one being purchased for the Barton County Road and Bridge Department. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

In other business Monday morning, the Barton County Commission:

• Approved a new resolution covering the investment of the county’s idle funds and the assignment of duties in relation to this. This rescinds a resolution adopted in 2006.

Under this updated resolution, the administration of the investment of idle funds will be assigned to first, the county treasurer, and second, the county financial officer. As the financial officer is currently performing these duties, the resolution calls for the duty to be turned over to the treasurer by Oct. 10. 

In approving the purchase of a new pickup for the Engineering Department, the Barton County Commission Monday morning opted not to trade in the truck currently used by the engineering technician. 

Bought was a 2018 Dodge Ram half-ton, four-wheel-drive crew cab from Marmie Chrysler of Great Bend for $28,000. County Engineer Barry McManaman said requests for proposals for a new or used truck (no older than 2015 with no more than 40,000 miles) with these specifications were presented to the five major car dealerships in the county. The only bids came from Marmie Chrysler and Marie Ford.  

The current pickup is a 2006 Chevy Silverado half-ton, four-wheel-drive crew cab with approximately 170,000 miles. The county was offered a $2,500 trade-in on this vehicle.

“I think it’s a good idea to hang onto it,” commission Chairwoman Jennifer Schartz said. “I say we just run it until the wheels fall off.”

The truck will likely go to the Facilities Management Department to replace a van. Trips would be limited to short jaunts around town. 

• In another purchase, the commission OKed buying a 2017 model T650 Bobcat compact track loader with full warranty from Bobcat of Salina for the Road and Bridge Department. 

In 2014, Road and Bridge purchased a T650 T4 Bobcat track loader, with pallet forks, auger, grapple bucket and snow bucket for a combined bid price of $53,719 from Bobcat of Salina. Since that time, the county has exercised the annual “buyback” option and received a newer unit with full warranty for only the cost of the warranty, or $4,500, said county Works Director Darren Williams. 

“This buy-back offer has worked well for us in the past,” Schartz said, adding it has save the county money. 

Under the warranty, the county can operate the loader for an unlimited number of hours.

• In addition, the commission OKed the purchase of a compact tracked loader with asphalt planer and grapple bucket attachments for $66,460.54 from Bobcat of Salina. Road and Bridge took bids and included in the bid was the trade-in of a 2005 Caterpillar loader. 

This comes with the same annual buy-back option.

Williams said planers are used to restore asphalt and concrete surfaces to a specified grade or level.