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10th St. bridge project time expanded
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Barton County department heads are asked to submit a bi-weekly activity report of statistical information or a summary of services. These are presented every other week to the Barton County Commission as a means of reaching the public and keeping citizens aware of the duties and services completed.

Clark Rusco, County Engineer
• Working with Venture Corp. to sample the cold asphalt project. Venture has produced about 10,000 tons of the 20,000 required for this year. This quantity will supplement the cold mix produced by the Road and Bridge department and will be used to repair and overlay roadways this summer.
• 2014 Rigid Frame Box (RFB) Bridge Replacement Project. The contract documents are complete. L&M will obtain the necessary bonds and once these are received the final agreement can be signed. Construction should commence this fall.
• Completed surveys for the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) High Risk Rural Road (HRRR) signage Phase 3 grant application. The application has been sent to KDOT for review.
• Preparing sign database for KDOT High Risk Rural Road (HRRR) signage Phase 2 project. Finalized overall plan requirements with KDOT Project Manager. Sign placement and quantities will be completed in the next couple of weeks.
• Tenth Street Bridge repair project (over the flood control project) is now being advertised. Bid opening is June 13. Addendum number one has been issued by Kirkham Michael Consultants extending the working days for this project from 30 to 45 working days.
• Truss bridge. The KDHE storm water permit for this structure requires a storm water report be filed anytime the bridge site receives more than 1/2 inch of rain. The reporting requirements for this site are being fulfilled.
• Working with consultant concerning a floodplain development permit for a grain handling facility.

Dale Phillips, Road and Bridge I Noxious Weed I Memorial Parks
Road and Bridge
• Asphalt mixing began June 2 and should be completed by June 7. Venture Corporation will mix 20,000 tons as requested.
• Culvert and bridge work continues with all FEMA work completed as of May 29, for last year’s flooding and damages. FEMA will reimburse 80 percent of County costs related to last year’s disaster declaration.
• Sealing and asphalt sand continues to be hauled from Ellinwood to Great Bend for stockpiling.
• Ditch and drainage work was completed on NE 50 Road and NE 130 Avenue.
• Culvert work was completed on West Barton County Road and NW 60 Avenue.
• Bridge work and repair was completed on NE 180 Road.
• Right of way mowing in southeast Barton County, progressing to the west and north.
• Various Road signs were repaired throughout the County.
• Training of new employees is ongoing.

Noxious Weed
• Musk Thistle spraying in pastures and right of way continues daily with over 1,000 acres treated to date.
• Roadside spraying for Townships continues daily.
• Customer requests are handled on a daily basis.
• Training of new employees occurred daily

Memorial Parks
• Grave and memorial stones were marked for placement.
• Work on the Veterans Memorial continued with flag removal and storage.
• Removal of flowers and items off of grave sites was performed to allow for mowing. Family members are reminded to remove the flowers from graves after seven days of each holiday.
• The mowing contractor has been busy with mowing all Memorial Parks property.

Doug Hubbard, 911 Director
2014 Statistics            May
911 Landlines               322
911 Wireless                  1208
Administrative Lines          10,367
Total Calls                   11,897
Radio Calls                   108,064
Calls for Service             3,512

Lily Akings, Health Director
• Bioterrorism Regional meeting
• Be Well Barton County
• Child Care Licensing quarterly meeting
• Suicide Prevention Taskforce
• Prairie Godmothers
• Farmers Market
• Quality Assurance
Clinic Contacts
• Clinic - 227
• WIC - 233
Other activities
• Working on finishing the digital sign
• Working on countertop replacement
• Working on bids to replace one vehicle