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City of Claflin unofficial minutes
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CLAFLIN — The governing body of the City of Claflin met in regular session, Monday, June 10, 2013 at  the city building.  Present were: Mayor Michael Urban, Councilpersons Kirk Schneweis, Casey Hubbard, Doug Hubbard and Dan Michaelis.  Also present: City Attorney Bob Suelter, City Clerk Patricia Schmidt, Robert Gunder, Richard Hayes and Tyler Allison.
Schneweis moved, D Hubbard seconded, with all in favor, to approve the minutes of the May 13, 2013 meeting as written.
After adding “bid for warming table” to the agenda, C Hubbard moved to approve the agenda.  D Hubbard seconded with all in favor.
Schneweis moved to pay the June 2013 bills.  Michaelis seconded with all in favor.  
Gunder thanked the council for the support shown for the Summer Safety Day.  Mayor Urban received good comments from the people who attended the event and he thanked Gunder for all the work he did to make the event a success.  
The pump on well #3 has been pulled and the meter is being recalibrated.  
Tyler Allison attended the hearing for his property on 411 2nd Street and requested an extension to continue working on the house.  After discussion, D. Hubbard moved to give him a month extension.  C. Hubbard seconded with all in favor.
C. Hubbard moved to adopt Resolution 13-610, which supports the second amendment to the United States of America constitution and supporting the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms.  Schneweis seconded with all in favor.  
The Legislature passed and Governor Brownback signed a bill which authorizes the carrying of concealed weapons in municipal buildings.  Certain buildings can be exempted from this bill, but by council consensus we will have no exemptions.
After much discussion, C. Hubbard moved to charge a base fee of $225.00, with an additional hourly fee of $75.00, minimum 3 hours, for each nuisance abatement, including mowing.  Schneweis seconded with all in favor.
By council consensus, we will not sell any lockers from the old grade school at this time.  
D. Hubbard moved to accept the bids from Mike Hirst in the amount of $70 for the double oven and a $20 bid for a food warmer.  Michaelis seconded with all in favor.
The school inquired if the city would help with the cost of repairing the tennis court at the city park.  This is not in the 2013 budget and therefore we don’t have the money available to help with the project.
Schneweis moved to give Steve Vasquez a one month extension for removal or repair of two junk vehicles.  C. Hubbard seconded with Kirk, C. Hubbard, and D. Hubbard in favor.  Michaelis opposed.
The deed for the property at 3rd and Albro has been filed and the property now belongs to the City of Claflin.
C. Hubbard moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 PM.  Michaelis seconded with all in favor.
This summary of the minutes is subject for approval at the next council meeting.