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Council extends leases on tracts near airport
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ELLINWOOD — The Ellinwood City Council met at its regular meeting on Tuesday and approved a request from Rob Dove is  to lease a tract 100 feet by 175 feet at the airport under the same terms and conditions as a recent lease by Dennis Lebbin. The requested tract lies directly east of the tract of Dennis Lebbin.
City Administrator Robert Peter said he would like to develop quality standards for the buildings such as they only be steel. The leases for the property will be for five years. The property will be used as hobby storage such as restoring cars and woodworking.
He also recommended a minimum distance of 55 feet be between the buildings.  
In other business, increases in ambulance wages were approved. EMT Director Debbie Glenn reported that they are in need to day time EMTs.
Manager of the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, Curtis Wolf, was present to give an update on the center. They are planning some new events such as a 5K Run and are working on designs for a picnic shelter. In addition, “We want to say thank you for your support,” Wolf told the council.
The city will not raise water rates as scheduled for this April because of continuing drought.
Peter reported that the city will receive $34774.65 from the Atrazine class action lawsuit. The money will go into the water infrastructure fund.
He also reported he has received bids for the restroom doors at City Park. Also, the Scout house is in need of a new roof.