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Council holds regular meeting
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ELLINWOOD — The Ellinwood City Council met at its regular meeting on Tuesday night.

Resident Gordon Eggers was present requesting that the city create a fence ordinance. He presented pictures of an unsightly fence. City Administrator Bob Peter said that although there are currently no ordinances on fences, but there is a zoning committee working on new ordinance that they will present in 2011.

Eggers said, "I’m seeing a lot of stuff going on I don’t like."

"What you may not like, other people will," said Peter.

In other business, the city approved cereal malt beverage licenses for John Henry’s, Kansas Sidewinders, Fatty’s, H& T Stop to Shop, Inc., Zip Stop Inc., Ellinwood Family Foods and Pop N Shop.

The board approved entering into an audit agreement for three years, 2010, 2011 and 2012, with Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball. The cost will be $9,000 for 2010, $9,250 for 2011, and $9,500 for 2012.

The city can now proceed with the condemnation of the structure at 414 E. 4th St. The resident was notified of the deficiencies and has 30 days to correct it.

The city has received complaints about several structures in the 100 Block of East B St. Council members noted there seems to be an increase in blighted properties and junked cars.

The council approved amending the flex plan to allow for dependent children under the age of 27.

Former Ellinwood resident Vivien Archer has left bequests to the Golden Belt Community Foundation, USD 355 School District Foundation and City of Ellinwood Foundation. The amounts will be substantial, but only the interest can be spent. There is no limit on the amount that can be spent.