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EDH to offer digital mammography
ell kl mamm
Terri Ellis stands beside the digital mammography machine that is available at Ellinwood District Hospital. Also being offered is dexascan osteporosis checks.


ELLINWOOD — Ellinwood District Hospital is now offering digital mammograms and dexascan bone density scanning once per month via a travelling motor coach with the equipment onboard.

With the digital mammogram, the camera can zoom in, change color. The picture can be stored and emailed digitally and is higher in contrast.

Digital mammograms are better for women who have dense breast tissue, are under the age of 50, or are pre-menopausal.

In addition, EDH is scanning old films and putting them in digital format which will be emailed to the patient’s doctor.

The dexascan checks for bone mineral density screening for osteoporosis. It can predict future fracture risk and monitor bone density in those with low normal levels undergoing treatment.

Risk factors for osteoporosis include being female, Caucasian, advanced age, history of bone fracture, a small, thin frame, family history, removal of the ovaries, early menopause, a low calcium diet, lack of exercise, eating disorder, certain medicines, and alcohol and tobacco.

A dexascan works by passing over one area of the skeleton such as the lower spine, wrist or hip. A dual energy beam of very low dose -rays are used. The dexascan scan technology works by measuring the amount of X-rays that are absorbed by the bones in your body. The x-ray energies allow the machine to differentiate between bone and soft tissue.

The upcoming dates of those tests are Oct. 18, Nov. 15 and Dec. 13. To schedule an appointment call 620-564-2548.