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EGS 1st graders read to Country Living resident
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ELLINWOOD —Ellinwood School first grade teachers Linda Duncan and Katie Hook, received a grant for $200 to buy materials for a program where first graders go to the ELllinwood Country Living and do a project with the seniors.

Each Monday, four or five students load up and head over to ECL.

"Residents enjoy it," said Brandy Pepperman, employee.

Sometimes the students will read, and this week, the teacher read some Christmas poems.

The first graders tell the residents what they are learning in school. Each student talked about their Christmas plans. Bella Baker will go to Wichita to see family, Alma’s family will come to see her.

The students wrote letters to Santa, and the mailman came to pick them up. The EGS teachers encouraged letters with a twist, asking, the studewhat they wished for others. Their wishes included health for grandparents and a lot of video games for both themselves and others.

The grant is for the full school year. Duncan thought the interaction between the students and adults would be good for both. The students learn new social skills and become comfortable talking to seniors.