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EGS kindergarteners write turkey stories
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Editor’s note: The following stories are taken from Amy Metro’s class “How to cook a turkey”

First, go get the turkey from the store. Then my mom puts it on the pot. Next, she puts the table stuff out.  Then she puts the turkey on everyone’s plate. Finally, we eat it!  — Kylee

First, I go down to my farm. I get a turkey. Then, I walk back home. Next, my mom puts it in a pot. We put some seasoning on it to cook it. Finally, we have a good Thanksgiving dinner! — Regan

First, go to the store and get the turkey. Then, cook the turkey. Next, cut the turkey. Finally, eat it! — Damian

First, get the turkey from the country. Then, I cook it. Next, I get the plates and the forks out. Then my mom says, “Dinnertime!” Finally, my whole entire family gets to eat it! “It was awesome!” — Tanner

First, go hunt for the turkey. Then, put it on the stove. Next, put some sugar on it. Give everyone a plate. Finally, we can eat it and have some pumpkin pie! — Thomas
First, I get the turkey from the store.  Then, I get the plates out and put them on the table. Next, I cook the turkey.  I cut it up and serve it. Finally, the people sit down and start to eat it all up. — Dawson

First, get it from a farm. Then, put it in a crockpot. Next, cook it. It will get hot. Finally, you eat it! — Kyndal

First, go out hunting to get the turkey. Then, me and daddy start cooking it. Next, me and my dad go get the plates. Then we put some salt on it. Finally, we ate it all up! For dessert we have popsicles! — Phillip

First, put him in a pan. Then, cook him. Next, put fruit on the side. Finally, eat him!   Clayton
First, get him from a farm. Then, get him in a pot. Next, cook him. Finally, eat him! — Ezben

First, put the turkey on a pan. Then, put him in the oven so he can get hot.  Next, when he gets hot I take him out. I put food and fruit on the side.  Finally, I take him to the feast!   Emma
First, get a wild turkey from the farm.  Then, go and put him in a pan.  Next, put him on the table. Get some stuffing. Finally, eat him! — Piper

First, get him from the farm. Then, cook it. Next, put salt on it. Finally, you eat it! — Owen

First, get it from the country.  Then, cook it. Next, we get out all the plates. Then we get out the silverware.  Finally, we start eating it. — Brandi

First, go to Great Bend and get the turkey there. Then, go home and cook it.  Next, put it on a plate.  Pass it out. Finally, eat it! — Rella

First, I would get a turkey in the woods.  Then, I would bring it home. Next, I would cook it.  Put it on a pan. Finally, eat it! — Haevyn

First, get a turkey from the farm. Then, put it in a pot.  Next, take  it out.  Put salt on it.  Finally, give it to everybody. Eat it! — Tristan

First, go get a turkey from a farm.  Then, put it on a stove. Next, put it on a plate.  Pass it out. Finally, eat it! — Alvin

First, find the bird. Then, get some plates. Next, the monster cooks the bird.  The bird will get hotter and hotter.  Finally, the monster gets fired. — Dominic

Editor’s note: The following stories are by Molly Cherry’s Kindergarten Class at Ellinwood Grade School — ‘How to Catch a Turkey’

First, you would attack it with a pointy thing.
Next, bring it to your house.
Then, put it in the microwave
Last, you eat it.

First, spy on the turkey.
Next, use a rope to catch its legs
Then, carry it to your house.
Last, cook it.

First, take a rope.
Next, cut his legs off
Last, take him home.

First, sneak behind it.
Next, catch it with a fish net.
Last, take it home to eat it.

First, get a rope.
Next, throw the rope around his wings.
Last, take it home and cook it.

First, catch it with a rope.
Next, you cut it.
Last, put it in the oven.

First, you run fast.
Next, try to catch it.
Last, if you can’t catch it, it doesn’t matter.
First, you get a net.
Next, drive where there is tall grass.
Then, throw the net over the turkey.
Grab his neck and take it home.
Last, put him in the dog cage and have him
as a pet.

First, buy a gun and hunt a turkey down.
Then, get the meat out of it.
Last, eat it.

First, run after the turkey.
Then, catch the turkey with a net.
Last, take it home for Thanksgiving.

First, sneak behind the turkey.
Next, catch it with a net.
Last, take it to a field and let it go.

First, hunt for a turkey in the forest.
Next, catch it with a bow and arrow.
Then, take it home.
Last, eat it.

First, get a net.
Next, my mom drives me to the forest.
Then, catch the turkey with a net.
Last, take it home and have a feast.
First, find a turkey in the woods.
Next, throw a net on it.
Last, bring it home and grill it.

First, get a net.
Next, walk to the forest.
Then, catch the turkey with a net.
Last, take it home and cook it.

First, catch the turkey with your hand.
Then, rope his neck.