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Ellinwood author Browder publishes new book
ell kl author
Ellinwood author Joseph Browder holds a copy of his book, "Dark Matters." He is a self-published author.

ELLINWOOD — Ellinwood author T. Joseph Browder of Ellinwood, has just published seven short horror stories and says he has plans to write more.
Frightening tales and expecting the unexpected are a theme throughout his science fiction book, which explore the darker side of people.
“I want to scare Stephen King,” Browder said laughing.
“I’ve been writing since I was  a kid,” he said. Browder’s first writing was in second grade when he wrote a play based on the works of Charles Schultz.
“I write whenever and wherever I can,” he added, “including any moment I can steal.” Since his grandchildren live with he and his wife Marie, there is not always a lot of time for writing.
He favorite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz and F. Paul Wilson, and horror is his favorite genre. Most importantly, Browder tries to evoke an emotional response to his writing.
The author plans to continue writing whether he ever sells a copy of his book or not.
The book is self-published and costs, in paperback, $6.99 or in digital, $2.99, and is about 150 pages long.
Browder especially enjoys Stephen King’s work-in paperback or hardback. Electronic copies are not his personal favorite as he likes to turn the pages of a paper book.
Sales of “Dark Matters” are better than expected of his book. Browder doesn’t have time or finances to do massive advertising, but has created a promotional video.
He has written a second book, “Inferno,” although it’s not quite ready for publishing.
To get ideas for his books, the author uses experiences he has had in the past, and he allows the characters to figure out a story lines. He hopes his writing will entertain.
In addition to writing, Browder likes to create things with his hands. He is a wood worker and was taught to crochet and knit by his mother who owned a hobby store.
He still crochets, and his work is throughout his home.
Browder has also developed a fondness for Kansas.
“I love Kansas. There is no place else I’d rather be,” said Browder. “I love this town (Ellinwood). I’m intrigued by the underground (tunnels). It’s been great to us.”
He has lived in Ellinwood since 2008. “Life brought us here,” Browder said. He was born and raised in Lima, Ohio.
He currently works full-time at Ellinwood Packing Plant as a production supervisor.
He is married to his wife Marie and has four grandchildren.