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Ellinwood Court Docket
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David Tucker Jr., disobeyed stop sign, pled not guilty

Christopher Buller, speeding 46/35, pled not guilty

Dakota VanSteenburgh, no insurance, fine $300, court costs $55.50

Dakota VanSteenburgh, illegal tag, fine $30

Elsie Randel, inattentive driving, pled not guilty

Elsie Randel, improper backing, pled not guilty

Elsie Randel, duty to report unattended vehicle, pled not guilty

Christopher Caton, speeding 63/35, fine $162, court costs $55.50

Halie Krom, no driver’s license, continued to July 12

Tyler Boner, defective tail lamp, fine $30

Tyler Boner, ignition interlock device required, fine $200, court costs $55.50

Stephen Smith, speeding 45/35, fine $30, court costs $55.50

Lauren Feist, speeding 44/30, fine $54, court costs $55.50

Bryce Anderson, no proof of insurance, continued to July 12

Bryce Anderson, inattentive driving, fine $30, court costs $55.50

Nicholas Schwerdtfeger, speeding 46/35, fine $75, court costs $55.50

Charles Long, speeding 47/35, failed to appear

Keaton Krom, exhibition of speed, fine $50, court costs $55.50

Jesse Brunner, illegal registration, court costs $55.50, dismissed with payment of court costs

Jayson Standlee, dog at large, failed to appear

Jayson Standlee, vicious animal, failed to appear

James Riemann, disorderly conduct, continued to Sept. 27

Kenneth Murray, harassment by telephone, pled not guilty

Laken Shelor, junk vehicle, dismissed

Arthur Halsig, criminal trespass, fine $500, court costs $55.50

Arthur Halsig, flee and elude law enforcement officer, diversion granted

Charles Manning, battery, pled not guilty

John Adams, criminal trespass,continued to Aug. 9

Hallie Chrest, dog at large, continued to July 26

John Adams, assault, continued to Aug. 9

John Adams, disorderly conduct, continued to Aug. 9

Caitlin Kline-Martin, battery domestic violence, continued to Oct. 11

Caitlin Kline-Martin, criminal damage to property continued to Oct. 11

Christopher Oliver, battery domestic violence continued to Oct. 11

Derryc Werner, criminal trespass, pled not guilty

Emily Noblitt, driving while suspended, continued to July 12

Vanessa Thiel, driving while suspended, continued to July 26

Emily Noblitt, driving while suspended, continued to July 12

Vanessa Thiel, failure to give proper signal, continued to July 26

Vanessa Thiel, driving while suspended, continued to July 26

Vanessa Thiel, child safety restraint, continued to July 26

Shadai Harris, seatbelt under 18 years of age, fine $60

Travis Tate, junk vehicle, continued to July 12

Thomas Charles, loud music, continued to July 12

Roy Kronvall, abandon vehicle on city street, fine $50, court costs $54.50

Derryc Werner, no insurance, fine $800, court costs $55.50

Dalton Staudinger, disobeyed stop sign, fine $60, court costs $55.50

Russell Lane, driving while suspended, fine $100, court costs $55.50