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Ellinwood is going green
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ELLINWOOD —The city of Ellinwood continues to go green with the planting of 15 blaze maple trees with the help of a $1500 donation from the Rotary Club.
City Administrator Robert Peter said that he would like to see 3-5 years of aggressive tree plantings to replace dead and dying trees. He would like to be proactive and see trees planted around the ball diamonds and parks.
Peter asked for input regarding placement of the trees. Some of the old trees had damaged sidewalks and streets. The council consensus was to not plant in the curb line.
In other business, the council directed Peter to continue to try to keep the brick streets. City crews will repair a brick street near the high school with bricks instead of concrete, which is cheaper.
“A concrete patch will stand out,” said Peter. “We’re trying to keep bricks.”
The city’s sidewalk replacement project still has the funds for about four more projects. The city pays a portion of the cost of replacing the sidewalk.
“I’m surprised at how it’s going over,” said Peter. Concrete forms, labor and removal of the old sidewalk are not covered.
The city will pay one-half of the cost up to $500. This only includes concrete and rebar.
The council approved the payment of $16,000 to repair eight sewer sanitation manholes. Some have been in place for 70-80 years and have seriously deteriorated.
The city has purchased the property at 513 E. Santa Fe, which is on the south side of the street.
Amber Littler from Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball gave an audit report for the city for 2011. “You are all good stewards,” she said. She reported that there were no budget violations and that cash balances remained consistent.
Littler recommended more frequent changes of passwords of employees and updating the city’s back up encompassing the entire network. She also recommended making a continuity plan for on-the-job training to transfer knowledge of employees considering retirement in the next few years.
Mayor Frank Koelsch invited the council to come to the American Legion’s Memorial Day celebration. The family of Thomas Edward Cooney, who name was recently added t o the Legion memorial of war dead, will be present.
In final business, the council:
•Reelected Irlan Fullbright as council president.
•Reappointed department directors.
•Approved a cereal malt beverage permit for the After Harvest Festival.
•Heard that a faucet was installed at the swimming pool for cleaning.