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Ellinwood Municipal Court
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Katie Bulinski, child restraint, fine $60, court costs $54.50

Katie Bulinski, no proof insurance, proof shown, dismissed

Danniele Pfister, speeding 49/30, fine $84, court costs $55.50

Cassie Scheuerman, driving while suspended, failed to appear

Cassie Scheuerman, no proof insurance, failed to appear

Pete Cabrera Jr., seat belt violation, fine $5

Mary Adams, seat belt violation, fine $5

Teri White, no drivers license in possession, license shown, dismissed

Teri White, no insurance, proof shown, dismissed

Carl Bamberger, no seat belt, fine $5

David Kelly, no seat belt, fine $5

Thomas Boone, no seat belt, failed to appear

Rafael Arias-Quintanar, drivers license violation, proof shown, dismissed

Rafael Arias-Quintanar, no insurance, proof sown, dismissed

Dennis Love, expired drivers license, failed to appear

Lyle Young, no current proof of insurance, proof shown, dismissed

Irene Gonzalez, no drivers license, failed to appear

Jerri Straster, no insurance, proof shown, dismissed

Elmer Burgardt Jr., no insurance, proof shown, dismissed

Warren Duree, no insurance, proof shown, dismissed

Sally Lebsack, no seat belt, no contest

Julia Morgan, disorderly conduct, continued to Nov. 23

Jennifer Heape, disorderly conduct, fine $125, court costs $55.50

Gary Foulger, disorderly conduct, pled not guilty

Aaron McCaffery, disorderly conduct, continued to Dec. 14

Aaron McCaffery, battery, continued to Dec. 14