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Ellinwood native to show art
ell kl Todd Fox

With a eye towards the surreal and with the deep roots of faith, Ellinwood native Todd Fox will exhibit his artwork of the Passion of Christ at the Barton Community College Schafer Gallery from March 6- 29. On March 7, there will be a reception from 6-8 p.m. at the gallery.
Fox grew up in Ellinwood and is the son of Austin and Dianna Fox Seitz, graduating from Ellinwood High School. He credits the outstanding art program of the Ellinwood school system and the role models who pushed him to think outside the box for his success in art. Those teachers were Edgar Sturtz,Vern Fryberger, Leon Sobba and Wilbur Hogg.
Fox is currently working as a dispatcher for airline company Omni Int. in Claremore, Okla., which does charter flights for defense all over the world. He has been working as an airline dispatcher for 10 years. Prior to that, he worked at ACS Computers in Great Bend.
He describes his beginnings in art. “Since I was a child drawing in coloring books, I stopped doing the pages with lines and drew my own pictures.”
“Ellinwood had a great art program. Edgar Sturtz got me into the history of art,” said the artist.
Todd started blossoming with artwork in 2005 and works in acrylics. The show at Schafer Gallery will be his first major show.
The artist watched the movie, “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson and began thinking of this series. “The Passion” is based on the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life.
He thought about his current show for one-and-a half years before he painted it. Using monochromatic forms in the colors of the rainbow, each of the eight paintings matches the emotion in the scene with color. Birds are the characters instead of humans. Fox was pleased with the way it turned out.
“I tapped into my own emotions,” he said. “It causes conversation.”
“A calling came to me,” Fox said. “I could never unthink it.”
He even questioned himself whether he was good enough to paint it.
It turns out that he is.
“Everything came to me,” he said. “I looked at some photos of birds.” The ideas melded, and he created the series.
Exhibiting at the “Hearts Aflame” women’s event begun by his sister Michelle in Great Bend, the exhibit was seen by BCC art teacher Steve Dudek. Dudek recommended the paintings for a showing and the process began to bring Todd’s paintings to the gallery.
Fox likes to paint things related in his life, using difficult or painful events as examples of how others might have felt. He has in mind another series, possibly a series of the Nativity. He would also like to paint something that has a value hidden to see such as forgiveness. “It’s hard for me to forgive,” said Todd, “but it happens with God.”
Fox is turning back to his roots. His father and mother were both pastors in the Methodist Church, and his brother Monty is a pastor.
“It’s just natural how you were raised as a child comes out sooner or later,” he said. “Religion was instilled in me. It was natural to paint something spiritual.”
Like many young people, Fox had a period of wandering, but is now actively looking for a church.
About five years ago, he married Karen Brown Fox from Hoisington.
Todd is thinking he might like to get into a more artistic career field. He is considering working for an art gallery or theater company.
He definitely, though, would like to come back to home of his heart, Kansas.