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Harry Hornacre author speaks to Hoisington kids
hoi kl girl
Roosevelt Elementary School 3- and 4-year-old preschoolers respond to questions from author Jennifer Dizmang on Thursday. - photo by KAREN LA PIERRE

HOISINGTON — The author of “Harry Hornacre, First Day of School”, Jennifer Dizmang, was in Hoisington on Thursday talking to USD 431 preschoolers about living their dreams and positive behaviors.
“Everything in life is a choice,” she told students. “When you get to pick between two different things, it’s a choice.”
She asked the preschoolers what they wanted to be when they grew up. Along with the usual fire fighter, others had different dreams.  One said  “a hair cutter”, another  “to be able to go the lake as often as you want” while one wanted to drive a car that goes fast, fast, fast. Also included were the dreams to have a big dog and to be a princess.
“Everybody has a dream,” said Dizmang. She told the student’s not to let somebody crush their dreams.
She demonstrated holding her hand in the stop position and saying, “I can’t hear you.
“Believe that you can do it,” she said.
Dizmang also spoke to students about her second “Harry Hornacre” book, which is currently in the process of publication. The book is about fire safety and how Harry protected himself and his family.
Students from kindergarten through eighth grade also heard her speak.
The author followed her dream when she published her first book. Her first career was as a professional speaker in finance, but after the tragic death of a young friend, she changed careers.
“I only decided a couple of years ago to be an author,” she said. She wrote a book about the friend as a legacy for the woman’s children.
“It makes you realize your life is short,” Dizmang said. Despite negativity from others around her, she followed her dream.
Instead of speaking to audiences about finance, she now speaks to kids about the power of choice, of words, and of personal empowerment.
She plans a series of 20 “Harry Hornacre” books about vital life skills. They are really the foundation blocks of self-help books for kids, she says.
“It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” Dizmang added. She is from Windsor, Colo.