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Hoisington Chamber of Commerce welcomes new Chamber member
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The Hoisington Chamber of Commerce welcomes its newest chamber member. Gambino’s Pizza new owners Joe and Shelly Maze.
On Feb. 15 Joe and Shelly will take over ownership of Gambino’s Pizza in downtown Hoisington.
Drop by and welcome them as they begin their new venture.
Message from Joe Maze,
I am really getting excited for the new chapter of my families life to begin with Gambino’s Pizza of Hoisington. Our little Sole Proprietary company is named JSAWMaze Enterprises and Gambino’s is the initial franchise holding for us. I hope to be able to assist in many different areas of the chamber.
I will give a brief history of the Maze Family. Currently my wife Michelle (Shelly) is the City of Hoisington EMS director, This is what lead us to make the move from Ellsworth to Hoisington. Shelly and I have been married 20 years this April. We have two teenagers. ages 18 and 16. At this time they are both still attending Ellsworth High School as Amelia (Amie) our daughter is a senior and William (Billy) is a sophomore.
I have been driving back and forth to Ellsworth 5 days a week since July, where I was employed at the Ellsworth Correctional Facility as the Procurement Officer for the past five years. I was with the state just shy of 15 years. So taking this leap of faith and stepping out of my comfort zone to buy and operate our very own business is a very large leap. I have several years experience in the production of quality Gambino’s products and hope to see each of you eating my very best productions to date. The citizens and Chamber members of Hoisington have been very enthusiastic when I mention our purchase of the business. I very much understand the concept “shop at home” and the ramification of a community that does not. It took several years, gas price increases and the loss of several downtown businesses in Ellsworth to get people to realize that SHOP AT HOME helps keep our business base strong and healthy. I was elected to serve the citizen’s and members of  Ellsworth/Kanopolis Chamber of Commerce board while I was employed by Casey’s General Store #2562. I am very gracious and humbled to say that I was chosen to be the initial general manager of the Casey’s General Store in Ellsworth for the first two years in operation.
I had to step down from the Chamber board when I went back to work at the state as the Facilities Procurement Officer. This is the position I just resigned after five quickly passing years. I was and will be a avid supporter of all Chamber activities and want to be involved as much as possible.
The store will be my life for a while but I will try to attend as much as I can. I have several different ideas of how to get Gambino’s more involved with the community and hope the community will partner with us in our new adventure to make this endeavour a grand success. We are doing a soft take over and are planning a change of owner grand opening sometime around April 1st. More to come on this. For now our hours will be Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. as winter hours. I will reevaluate the hours after a couple months. We will be closed every Sunday to the public but I am willing to discuss private parties for special events. We will be offering a noon buffet from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily (Product will be out on the hot bar at 11 a.m.). Please come in a see the changes as they progress. I look forward to greeting each of you to our little piece of heaven we call Gambino’s Pizza of Hoisington a JSAWMaze Enterprises Company.
Joseph D. Maze