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Hoisington city council approves budget
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 HOISINGTON — The city of Hoisington approved the budget for the 2014 year at the regular city council meeting on Monday.
In the budget for the new year, the city intends to add a second full-time position in Emergency Medical services due to understaffing problems. The budget includes a raise the mill levy .069 mills or 78 cents on a $100,000 house with a total of 62.904 mills.
In addition, animal registration and impound fees will change. Water rates will rise 4 percent, sanitation will rise 3 percent due to a landfill fee increase, and there will be a 34 percent rise in sewer rates. Sewer rates must rise to comply with grant regulations to pay for Environmental Protection Agency required  improvements to the Hoisington sewage lagoon system.
In other business, the council spoke at length in a conversation that became heated over the possibility of a pit bull ban. In the end, the council will consider making changes to the dog policy such as elimination of the voice command as an acceptable means of restraint. They will also increase fees as well as consider requiring dogs to be altered if they are impounded twice in one year.
Owners are encouraged to call the city to report if their own animal is running at large. Finally, a time limit on tethering may also be added.
Unsafe structure
After inspection,  the structure located at 851 W. 2nd appeared to be a dangerous, unsafe or unit for human habitation due to dilapidation, structural defects and overall condition. Code Enforcement Officer Don Doerschlag reported windows boarded up, the roof has deteriorated, there is unsightly stored or parked material and debris causing this property to be a blight.
The council approved a show-cause hearing will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 14 for a property located at 851 W. 2nd. The hearing will determine if the structure is dangerous, unsafe or unit.
In final business, the council heard:
•A consultant will be present to work on the lime slaker at the water softener plant. It is currently not functioning.
•A request was made to hold Halloween on another evening. The council declined.