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Hoisington hopes to become E-Community
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HOISINGTON — The City of Hoisington is applying to become designated as an E-Community. When a community becomes designated as an E-Community, their donors help them to create a $125,000 in 75% Entrepreneurship Tax Credits.

These funds will create a pool of approximately $150,000 that can be used to strengthen an existing business or help to start up a new business. E-Community funding can help make a good business concept that doesn’t quite work on paper, become viable. Therefore, contributions to this fund will create jobs in your community! At the same time, the donor will receive substantial tax benefits for their donation.

The donation must be at least $250 and is not to be paid until after the E-Community award status for the community has been announced (Funds are likely to be requested in December 2011). However, we will need your preliminary donation amounts to list on the application due in the middle of August, 2011.

Although $250 is the minimum donation, it’s easier to use $1,000 as the donation amount to illustrate the benefit for the donor while blessing the community of Hoisington with the entire amount of his or her donation. The donor’s federal tax bracket can also increase the benefit to the donor.