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Hoisington Record
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December 20
Roger A. Agnew, no proof of insurance, fine $300
Roger A. Agnew, driving while suspended, fine $100, court costs $110
Robert E. Bruns Jr., animal confines, failed to appear
Robert E. Bruns Jr., cruelty to animals, failed to appear
Justin W. Campbell, driving while suspended, continued to Feb. 21
Kyle Clone, no proof of insurance, dismissed
Kyle Clone, no valid drivers license, fine $200, court costs $110
Kyle Clone, speeding 29/20, fine $30
Leonard A. Demel, dog at large, fine $50, board bill $78, court costs $110
Saxon A. Denning, dog at large, continued to Jan. 3
Kolton G. Nettleingham, no proof of insurance, dismissed
Kolton G. Nettleingham, basic speed rule, trial Jan. 17
Jeffrey K. Newsome, theft, continued to Jan. 17
Miranda Shives, battery, fine $100, attorney fees $75, court costs $110
Kent M. Urban, DWR habitual, dismissed