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Hoisington School Board meets
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HOISINGTON — With a light agenda, the Hoisington School Board USD 431 met at its regular meeting on Monday.
The board approved the McRel teacher’s evaluation tool for the school. Superintendent Bill Lowry said that McRel is the best tool for evaluation with the goal to increase student learning.
“Teachers will do a self-evaluation,” Lowry said. The staff will  have two days of training on using the evaluation.
The calendar for 2013-14 approved by the board will be very similar to this year’s calendar. School will get out May 15 in 2014.
The district has decided that high school students will now be more involved in parent-teacher conferences. All conferences will be by appointment. The goal of the district is to get all parents involved and students to realize that they are accountable for their own learning.
The board approved the use of a bus by St. John Church. The church will pay for fuel and the cost of the bus driver.
The board approved a non-staff driver, Starla Stout, pending a license check.
A change was made to the concussion policy with the addition of one sentence. If the student is actually diagnosed with a concussion, they will go through the five day protocol.
The Community Planning Sessions were discussed by the board. Topics for the 22 members of the sessions can be brought up by the board. Items such as security, enrollment, technology, use of the Capital Outlay Fund are items listed so far.
Lowry said that the members will be a cross section of the community.
Lowry presented a legislative report. He said that both Mitch Holmes and John Edmonds don’t read e-mail, but they do read snail mail letters.
The evening ended with executive sessions. The resignations of Kerry Rose and Melanie Moeder were accepted.