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Dr. Dan Witt
hoi kl bird with orange chest

Consider the similarities between our children spreading their wings and driving off to college or going to work and all the young birds we have been so intently observing as they mature and leave their nests and parents-- forever.  The nurturing and training these dedicated parents provide is amazing in all of the animal and bird kingdoms.  There are a few reptiles that simply reproduce their young and leave them to fend on their own with no further contact.  Some odd things like that survive very well.
Sandra and I have been watching from our deck in Hoisington and the condo in KC the robins, doves, finches and pigeons as they nest, nurture and urgently continue to feed, teach and watch over their babies for weeks after they have left the nest.  We are almost sad to report that the baby robins are mature enough to not require any more help from the parents.  Fortunately for human parents, we know our babies will continue to come back for a good meal at Thanksgiving, a load of laundry, and even some advice on occasion.  As Bill Cosby pointed out: “Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home.”  In other words-- cherish the “Empty Nest” syndrome you are feeling right now.  Enjoy the process of your kids becoming independent  and spreading their wings.  Honor the lessons we learn from our surroundings and the creatures that share our space.  By the way, the pigeons are a bit rude and make noise during the night,are terribly messy ,and have some odor.  They won’t be invited back next year-- tell that to your kids that forget their manners and the rules!
Doc Witt is a retired physician and wildlife enthusiast.