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Marsh Musings
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As some of you know, I have been in Louisiana on a big escapade with some friends that I have known for about 20 years.  We have previously hunted musk ox in the Northwest Territories, and pigs in Texas.  
We got a couple of 9 ft. alligators on this trip, and caught this nice bull red fish in the marsh close to the Gulf.  I will meet them in Wyoming next week to search for a elk.  Retirement is a neat thing, and I highly recommend it for everyone as soon as possible.  There is lots to do.
Teal season is open, and there are good numbers of birds in the Bottoms as compared to recent years.  The moisture is wonderful.  We also have a good variety of shore birds in the fall migration.  It is so good to see them.  Dove season is essentially over-- not due to the season dates, but due to the majority of birds heading south.  Seems like they always leave with the first cool days.  Deer season is on the way. Kansas is blessed with a great variety of wildlife.
As a matter of “house-keeping”-- I told you that I would try to arrange for a real contact for wildlife concerns after normal working hours.  My friend, Brian Hanzlick, is our local wildlife officer  He cheerfully has accepted that position.  He asked me to post his phone number which is 620 770 6083.  He covers at least 3 counties, so logistics might be involved, but he is dedicated and diligent in protecting our wildlife.  He serves us so very well.
Go see the birds in the Bottoms-- “spectacular” does not do them justice!
Dr. Dan Witt is a retired physician and wildlife enthusiast.

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