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Middle School students participate in Cardinal Kindness Campaign
hoi kl cardinal kindness
Pictured above with some links from the Cardinal Kindness Campaign, the Wellness Class at Hoisington Middle School spent two months celebrating kindness. The students are David Boese, Corbin Crawford, Cameron Davis, Alicia Earegood, Meghan Knox, Brandon Watkins, Taylor Richter and Hunter Hanzlick.

Hoisington Middle School students participated in Cardinal Kindness Campaign by having students write down on a strip of paper the kind things they did. A chain throughout the central hall at the school was made with the links of red and white paper.
Launched by a wellness class, kindness was celebrated in March and April throughout the school, and  it resulted in 574 links in the kindness chain.
The class decided that kindness is always worth celebrating. All of the students were involved.
Focusing on the simple things, students wrote down things like opening the doors for others. There were no rules.
The class met their goal. The wellness classes focuses on life-skill areas such as decision making, communication, social skills, peer pressure and character education.
The campaign was designed to improve communication and emphasize a positive character trait, kindness.
The class and the KAY Club treated the student body and staff to donuts on Tuesday for a show of appreciation.