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New bar, Beer:30 opens in Claflin
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CLAFLIN — A new bar has opened in Claflin at 217 N. Main. Called Beer:30, it currently serves sandwiches and beer on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and is owned by Mike Hirst.
“When you get off work, it’s beer 30,” said Hirst laughing and explaining the reason for the name. He opened the bar because there was no place to play a game of pool, play darts or have a beer in Claflin.
They currently serve beer, wine coolers and sandwiches. He also offers catering.
Hirst is originally from Lyons. He was an executive chef in Red Coaches in Arizona and Utah, and in different restuarants in Great Bend and Lyons, he said. He currently works at Cashway Distributors and operates the bar part time.
He plans to open up a kitchen and have  a full menu in six months.
“I guarantee I’ll have the best steak around,” said Hirst. “Everything, including bread, will be made from scratch when the kitchen opens.” They will then be opening for lunch and evening meals.
They will also have such meals as chicken fried steak.
“It’s clean and decently run,” said Hirst. “It take the public to patronize. It’s all up to them.”
“It’ll be the best food you ever ate,” said Hirst.
Plans are for reasonably priced meals. Currently, sandwiches run from $3.95 to $6.95. Plans are for a meal to run from $7 to $12, depending on market conditions.
Currently, they are open from 5-10 p.m. on Thursday, 5 p.m. - midnight on Friday, and 11 a.m. to midnight on Saturday.
Hirst is married to his wife Sharon who is from Claflin and a dental assistant. He has five children.