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New pastor at Immanuel UCC
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ELLINWOOD — A new pastor has begun work at the Immanuel United Church of Christ in Ellinwood, Pastor Kasey Crosby, who has been in the city since January.
He served four years at the Congregational Church in Russell and has also ministered in Stafford.
“The major theme of my ministry is the redeeming love and grace of God,” said Crosby. He said that UCC is inclusive, not exclusive.
“I am the unchurched person’s pastor,” said Crosby, because he has been that guy. Crosby spent his growing up years in California and admits to being an old hippie at heart, which gives him understanding.
Pastor Crosby said that often Christians are looked at as hypocrites, judgmental and boring. “We are called to a ministry of being an extraordinary Christian,” said Crosby.
He encourages Christians to forego those things including judgment, leaving that in the hands of God. He also encourages Christians not to be hypocrites and admit to their own brokenness.
The pastor said individuals need their own relationship, celebrate life and in doing that celebrate Christ and not be boring. “I try to live a life that attracts other people to it (Christianity),” said Crosby.
“I don’t do alter calls. I invite people to come into a relationship with God,” said the pastor.
“Many members of faith become complacent. Ninety percent of people who consider themselves churched only spend one hour per week with God,” he said.
He regards sin as any action of self-will that separates us from God.
The uniqueness of the individual is also appreciated. “Diversity is helpful because it helps us to understand the multifaceted God,” Crosby said.
Prior to becoming a minister, the pastor worked in sales. He married his wife Tonya earlier this month and has two sons and two step-sons.