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Scam phone call received in Hoisington
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HOISINGTON — On June 12, Marline and Richard Amerine received a phone message on their landline phone from an individual claiming to be from the IRS.
“He said it was important to speak to Richard about identity theft,” said Marline. “He indicated Richard had done something wrong, and he was in danger of being arrested.”
She said the individual spoke poor English, and called Richard by name.
“We knew it was a scam,” she said. Marline called the number back and let them know that they were not going to get the information.
However, “the word IRS puts a shudder down your spine,” she said.
She wanted to warn others in the community about the call and to remain aware.
Hoisington Police Chief Kenton Doze said the police department had only received one report about this particular scam call.
He had advice for anyone receiving this type of call. “Do not give out any personal information.”
Doze added that banks or the IRS will have social security numbers and won’t ask for verification. In addition, the IRS will send a certified letter first.
“Report it to the local police” so the public can be alerted, he said.