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Students honored for positive achievements
hoi kl cardinal core
Pictured above are students from Hoisington High School who are being honored for achieving the Cardinal Core. Back row is: Brennan Knapp, Kylie Crawford, Megan Haynie, Ashley Lockwood, Jacob Durrett, Kolton Nettleingham, Trent Schremmer, Levi Sneath, K.C. Stephens, Darrin Poland; and front row is: Madison Wagner, Abigail Hurter, Marisa Jonas, Olivia Lowry, Rylie Koester, Terance Croslin and Steffan Dolechek (not pictured, Shannon Manka).

HOISINGTON — Hoisington High School students are nominated on a regular basis for showing positive attributes called the Cardinal Core. Those nominated this month are:
•Trent Schremmer and Darrin Poland have been nominated for their help with moving tables and chairs from the activity center to the high school to get ready for the in-service in February.  The really appreciate their extra help and good attitude.
•Ashley Lockwood, Olivia Lowry, Shannon Manka, and Jacob Durrett have shown very impressive leadership on our HHS forensics team.  They are great about working with the new team members and helping prepare to host our tournament. They also did a great job of presenting to the middle school band last week too.
•Brennan Knapp has been nominated for the Cardinal Core because he steps up and volunteers to film every time he has been asked, and Brennan is always on time and ready to learn.
•Terance Croslin has been nominated for his consideration of helping his peers with Math assignments. He shows respect to his peers by helping out in the hallway whenever someone needs an extra hand.
The Art I students are taking the responsibility to teach fifty 6th graders how to sculpt clay hands. These created hands together will represent a sense of community and the core values of compassion and caring. The art class has been working hard in tuning up their presentation skills and knowledge of clay. Kylie Crawford, Steffan Dolechek, Megan Haynie, Abigail Hurter, Marisa Jonas, Rylie Koester, Kolton Nettleingham, Levi Sneath , K.C. Stephens, and Madison Wagner.