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USD 112 8th gradersopen businesses
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This eighth grade class at Central Plains Middle School - Bushton celebrate their business, B2RM, which makes greeting cards, labels and business cards for sale.The students have been working on the project for much of the year.

BUSHTON — Eighth graders at Central Plains Middle School - Bushton begin working last fall on developing actual businesses for their computer applications class. After working much of the fall, the two best business ideas had a business ribbon cutting and will begin operation.
“We had to make a business plan, product analysis and business summary,” said Janae Ryan, student. “We had to explain what our business was going to be.” The groups presented this information to a group of administrators and guests in November.
B2RM will make custom business cards, greeting cards and labels. The costs of purchasing the products will be reasonable-about $10 for 250 business cards.
They hope to sell their items to people in the surrounding area. Each student was given an area of responsibility, including opening a checking account.
A lot more goes into opening a business than the students thought. The managers of the B2RM group are Ryan, finance manager, Brittney Beck, Bryce Miller and Gus Bain.
The students may take the project into 9th grade if it is successful.
Assistant Principal Rhi Becker teaches the class. “I wanted to (teach) something meaningful. I wanted to make it more practical and incorporate real life situations.
“This is something they can run on their own,” she said.
Oiler Nation
Oiler Nation is the second business, and they will be selling Oiler gear such as hats, T-shirts and hoodies. The managers of Oiler Nation are Collin Schloctermeier, Kylee Kasselman and James Radenberg.
“This is not like any other class,” said Kasselman.
“This prepares us for high school,” said Schloctermeier. “We’ll always remember it.”
Kasselman is in charge of design, Schloctermeier, marketing, and Radenberg, production and finances.
They already have a paying project; they will design the T-shirts for the cheerleaders.
Schloctermeier, marketing director, said he expects there to be good demand for Oilers gear.
“I think it is an awesome experience for the kids,” said parent Cathy Miller. “He’s (son, Bryce) really enjoyed this.”
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