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Barton County runners brave incoming cold to show support for Boston
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Monday evening, 18 Runners of Barton County met at Vets Park to take part in a three mile run of support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing last week. - photo by Veronica Coons

Runners of Barton County facebook page invited area runners to participate in an impromptu  three mile run around Vets Park Monday evening to show support to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing that happened a week ago on April 15.
At 4:00 p.m., sunny skies and mild weather seemed perfect for a quick run. just two hours later the temperature had plunged more than 20 degree, and wind kicking up to 28 mph.
Spectators numbered two, this reporter and a friend of one runner, both waiting in the comfort of vehicles until the first of the runners were sighted along McKinnley st.  
“If you’re here you’re a runner,” exclaimed one of the 18 runners who turned out for the event.
They represented all age groups, from youth to retirement and all ages in between.  Despite cold ears and rosy cheeks, there were celebratory hugs and a palpable sense of accomplishment at the finish line just half an hour later.