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For teacher, nothing beats words on paper
new deh helping hands little boy pic
Emilio Torres, Helping Hands preschooler, practices his reading by following along and turning the pages. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Kindle, iBook, NOOK eReader.
Technology has helped move reading along in many ways, but for Shelly Post, Early Childhood Education teacher at Helping Hands Preschool, there’s nothing better for children than the printed page.
“Books are so important for children to learn,” Post said.
She named a huge list of valuable skills, including how print is read left to right and top to bottom, turning pages one at a time, how to take care of books, actually reading words, learning vocabulary and new information, making predictions, increasing attention span, comprehending a story and answering questions about story.
“I want my students to have the love of books and reading that will carry over into the school system and give them a better chance for success in the future,” she said.
 To make sure that happens, Post filled out an application on to try and secure books for the students in her classroom.
“People go online and donate to school programs that peak their interest,” she explained.
“My ‘Pages 4 Preschoolers’ project was fully funded,” she reported happily. “We received two very nice books for each child in our classroom.
“We spend two weeks learning to read the book and do activities that go along with the theme of the book,” Post continued. “Then, after two weeks, I send it home with them to read to their families.
“Many of the kids can read the book from memory,” she said. “The kids are so excited to get their very own books and they are proud that they are able to ‘read’ it.
“I have a class with over 50 percent at-risk students, some who do not have and will not get books in their homes,” she noted. “It is not only beneficial, but crucial for them to get these books. It’s a privilege to have a part in helping children foster a love of books and reading which I feel will increase their academic success in the future.”
Post said her effort to gain outside funding for the book project was time well spent when she received the following comment from a parent:
“The book reading of ‘I went walking’ was soooo AWESOME! He was so proud of himself and smiling because I was sooo proud as well.”