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Boy home after dog attack
new kl pit bull kid

HOISINGTON — Four-year-old Kaidenn Chambers is at home in Hoisington now recovering from severe dog bites that he received on his arms, ear and under his eye.
A pit bull jumped the fence from the neighbor’s house and attacked the boy on Monday while he was riding his bike in the back yard.
At about 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Kaidenn’s mother, Jayda Chambers, heard the boy crying. She sent her niece outside to check on him, thinking he had fallen off his bike.
The situation was more serious.
When Jayda’s niece got outside, she started screaming. The pit bull was attacking, and she kicked and hit the dog to get it off of Kaidenn.
Hearing the screaming, Jayda went outside to see her son covered in blood.
Although the dog was still in the yard, Jayda grabbed her son up and took him to Clara Barton Hospital.
The boy was flown to Wichita for plastic surgery for his injuries. Jayda said she had no idea how many stitches the boy had, but the surgeon told her he did the best he could. The boy was bitten through the muscle in his arm.
Although the dog had jumped the fence before, it had never done anything like this, said Jayda. She said it was usually on a chain or someone sat with it.
The Chambers will return to Wichita on Monday for a follow-up visit with the surgeon.
The dog has been euthanized.