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County plan charts the course for future growth
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“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”
Whether the old adage is true or not, Barton County officials are pretty happy with the plan they are using today.
Maybe it isn’t perfect, but it certainly represents a lot of work by a lot of county people who have a great deal invested in securing the future of this community.
This week the Barton County Commission approved the county’s strategic plan for 2011-2013.
The plan will continue to be an important tool for the county even though the state legislature doesn’t plan to fund the enterprise zone program, for which it was originally created.
County Administrator Richard Boeckman noted the plan has been a vital tool for the county since its modern version was adopted in 2008 and it will continue to be an important way that advances are charted for the county.
“This is still the county plan for economic development,” the county administrator noted.
Over the years, changes have had to be made to the plan, reflecting changes that have happened in the economy, and it will continue to adapt, Boeckman said. “The plan really is quite good and I think the revisions are quite good.”
Issues that will be addressed in the plan will include:
• Communications — Services have improved over the years since 2008, and more work is being done in the near future, but technology will require more to be done in the future.
• Maintain gravel and asphalt roads and highways — Transportation will continue to be vital to economic development in Barton County, as well as everywhere else. The recent announcement of the funding for the K-96 highway project is a big step, but there will also need to be continue work on more local roads.
The plan had included a provision for a unified road plan, however the commissioners did not adopt that in this version of the plan.
Boeckman noted the plan, which is available to the public from the county administration office, includes many other strategies for growth.