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County prepares for summer highway work
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A local firm had the low bid to provide Barton County with paving material for the coming construction season.
This year’s asphalt bid was awarded to Venture Corp, which had a bid of $6.69 per ton.
Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips told the Barton County Commission that his department will also mix some of the material, beginning in early April so the construction season can get an early start.
Then Venture will take over producing more of the asphalt, in order to keep up with the need during the department’s busiest part of the season.
Despite what has happened in recent weeks with the price of oil, Phillips said the local firm was able to plan ahead and to keep prices lower. “These prices are very close to last year’s price,” Phillips commented.
He said he expects the county to use 20,000 tons from Venture, in addition to the asphalt that his department mixes.
The hike that continues to be seen in fuel and oil will have a major impact on the county department, especially during this season when it has more equipment mobilized to improve the county roads. Phillips said he’s not only concerned about what the asphalt impact could be for that which his department mixes, but also what the cost of oil will be for oil sealing this season.
Not only that, but anything the department needs that has to be freighted in will cost more with fuel higher.
The fuel cost will likely be felt by most businesses as the prices continue to climb, he added.
The quality engineers will be performed by the County Engineer Clark Rusco’s department, Phillips added.