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Courthouse opens Saturday for walk-in voting
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Another opportunity to cast ballots in the general election has been announced by County Clerk Donna Zimmerman.
Zimmerman has announced her office will be open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday for walk-in advance voting “for anyone who wishes to vote in advance of the Tuesday, Nov. 2 general election.”
The special Saturday voting will take place in the clerk’s office on the second floor of the courthouse, but only one entrance will be in use Saturday, Zimmerman advised.  
“Due to construction of the Jack Kilby memorial, the west entrance of the courthouse will not be accessible. Please use the east, Kansas Ave., entrance.”
Zimmerman added some voters may have to show identification.
“If you are a first-time voter in Barton County, Federal Election Law requires that you provide identification. If you have not done so previously, please bring identification with you when you come to vote.”
She explained, acceptable documents showing the registered address of the voter include:
• Current valid driver’s license or non-driver’s ID card issued by the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles
• Current utility bill
• Bank statement
• Paycheck
• Government check
• College or high school ID card
• Other government document showing the name and current address of the voter
• Statement from the post office that indicates the voter lives in and receives mail at a specific location
Federal officials are planning to take election issues seriously, Tuesday, a Kansas official announced Thursday.
U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom issued a statement Thursday that, “a federal prosecutor will be on duty during election day to respond promptly to complaints of possible election fraud and voting rights violations in Kansas.”
Grissom urged that problems be reported by calling 913-551-6730 “Anyone who has evidence of electoral corruption or voting rights abuses should call my office immediately.”
In his statement, Grissom added, “he does not expect any problems during the voting, but warned that there are criminal penalties under federal law for any efforts to fraudulently influence the outcome of the election or to prevent another person from exercising the right to vote.”
Grissom also noted that other agencies are on stand-by as well. “The FBI also will have special agents available to receive allegations of election fraud, intimidation, suppression and other election abuses. The FBI can be reached by the public at 816-512-8200. Complaints about ballot access problems or discrimination can be made directly to the Civil Rights Division’s Voting Section in Washington at 1-800-253-3931 or 202-307-2767. Where voter intimidation or suppression tactics target voters on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin, please contact the Civil Rights Division’s Criminal Section at 202-514-3204. Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs’ office also will be monitoring election complaints. Any questions involving state or local issues may be referred to the state’s Elections Division at 785-296-4561.”