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Ellinwood Municipal Court Docket - Aug. 12
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Trenton Berens, driving while suspended, pled not guilty
Trenton Berens, no insurance, pled not guilty
Antonio Terrell, no motorcycle drivers license, fine $30, court costs $55.50    
Antonio Terrell, illegal registration, fine $30
Antonio Terrell, no insurance, dismissed - proof shown
David Madden, no insurance, dismissed - proof shown
Tanner Cox, expired tag, failed to appear
Michael Rodriguez, speeding 56/35, fine $99, court costs $55.50    
Edward Ellmore, no valid drivers license, dismissed - valid drivers license shown
Quincy Williams, exhibition of speed, fine $50, court costs $55.50    
Kyle Petheridge, disobey traffic signal, pled not guilty
Travis Tate, vehicles on private property, dismissed
Joseph Wick, theft of fuel, fine $150, court costs $55.50    
Sydney Perez, driving while suspended, failed to appear
Erika Raya, transport open container, continued to Aug. 26
Christopher Dirks, disorderly conduct, fine $150, court costs $55.50    
Shay Hoffman, disorderly conduct, pled not guilty
Chad Bryant, battery domestic violence, continued to Aug. 26
Jayson Standlee, dog at large, pled not guilty
Chelsea Rocha, criminal damage to property, continued to Aug. 26
Derek Petz, vehicles on private property, failed to appear
Rodney Miller Jr., vehicles on private property, fine $150, court costs $55.50    
Christopher Bauck, basic speed rule, failed to appear
Christopher Bauck, no drivers license in possession, failed to appear
Amanda Berends, driving while suspended, continued to Sept. 23
Christopher Bauck, driving while suspended, failed to appear
Jay Kroulik, criminal trespass, continued to Sept. 18
Christopher Bauck, interfere with law enforcement officer, failed to appear
Thomas Gray, interference with law enforcement officer, continued to 8-26-14
Thomas Gray, disorderly conduct, continued to Aug. 26
Jay Kroulik, driving while suspended, fine $1,000, court costs $55.50, continued to Sept. 18
Thomas Gray, battery domestic violence,  continued to Aug. 26