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Getting in on the act
GBHS student directors present one-acts Thursday
new vlc one act pic 2
Ben Diel and Landon Winkler rehearse lines for Dinner with the MacGuffins. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Great Bend High School presents a night of one-act plays Thursday night.  The three plays include “Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story,” “Lockdown,” and “Dinner with the MacGuffins.”
“One-acts are a break from the fall and spring play, and are short enough for the seniors to direct,” said Michelle Rooney, a student in Dan Heath’s advanced drama class.  Rooney, who has appeared in several plays during her high school career, will be directing “Dinner with the MacGuffins.”  To direct, a student must be in the advanced drama class, a senior and a Thespian.
To become a Thespian, Rooney had to acquire 100 hours of theater experience, from performing in plays down to working concessions.  She then became a member of the International Thespian Society, and recently returned from Thespian Conference.
“They hold things like workshops and dance classes,” she said.  “It’s a lot of fun.”
In the playbill, Thespians are designated by the use of Mr. and Ms. Before their names.  
Directors pick and order scripts for their one-acts, and go through the process from start to finish producing their plays.  They are also responsible for keeping track of income and expenses for the shows.  While Rooney said she prefers acting to directing, she’s learned from the experience.
“Directing is a wonderful experience,” she said.  “It really lets us step into Mr. Heath’s shoes and learn the process of running a show.”
Rooney plans to continue her pursuit of the arts when she attends Kansas State University next year.  There, she will major in music education, and possibly minor in theater.  
“I love both activities too much to choose,” she said.  
The plays begin at 7 p.m. at the GBHS Auditorium.  Tickets are $3 at the door.