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Landfill has ground-moving year in 2010
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This past year was a big one for the Barton County Landfill, as a variety of programs continued to grow, according to Solid Waste Manager Mark Witt.
Witt notes that the landfill has been able to operate on its revenues, instead of on tax dollars, and 2010 was no exception.
He noted that the estimated total for annual revenue, generated by disposal fees, was over a million dollars. In fact, he noted in a recent report, the landfill brought in $1,086,385.21.
Proceeds were generated by dumping fees, and for 2010, those included the following totals:
• 23,960.93 tons of municipal solid waste
• 3,317.12 tons of construction/demolition waste
• 213.43 tons of mixed construction/demolition waste
• 3,558.18 tons of special waste
In all, for 2010, there were 11,454 loads of waste received for disposal, according to Witt’s report.
There are also some specialized water products that the landfill accepts, including:
• 887.99 tons of petroleum/miscellaneous contaminated soils
• 213.77 tons of sewer screenings from municipal wastewater treatment facilities
It also disposes of tires, Witt reported, including:
• 1,634 passenger tires
• 469 truck tires
• 21 tractor tires
• 7 heavy equipment tires
The county facility has received a great deal of statewide attention for several projects, including its recycling efforts and those were also busy for the past year, Witt noted.
Recycling statistics included:
• 33.56 tons of metal recycled
• 26.99 tons of mattresses recycled
• 39.57 tons of electronics waste recycled
• 0.95 tons of lead acid batteries recycled