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McKinney works to keep state treasurer post
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Kansas Treasurer Dennis McKinney was making the rounds in Kansas, this week, on the campaign trail and he stopped in Great Bend in the process.
McKinney actually kicked off his re-election campaign earlier this summer in his hometown, Greensburg, where he’s spent a lot of his weekends, even as he’s been working in Topeka.
And, while everyone knows about the damage that was done to his home town, Greensburg is not alone.
As his website comments: “McKinney, a former state representative and former house minority leader, says that many Kansans are going through a similar storm as they struggle to recover from the current recession.
“My objective is continue our record of public service in the Treasure’s office by helping to build better communities and stronger families. I want to do my part to help families overcome the adversities that we are facing in today’s economy.”
Some of the issues that McKinney is highlighting during this election process include:
• Streamlining our own budget (including cutting my salary, my first act as state treasurer), one of many steps to make our office more efficient and decrease the burden on Kansas taxpayers;
• Fighting for and helping to pass a housing loan bill in the Kansas legislature that makes it easier for home builders to create more jobs for hard working Kansans;
• Working diligently to put more money back into the hands of Kansans, who are very much in need, through the outstanding efforts of our Unclaimed Property Department. In 2009, we handled a record number of claims, getting money back to rightful owners, and we have already exceeded the total number of claims repaid for 2009 in the first nine months of this fiscal year;
• Helping Kansas families save for higher education costs by making the KIDS pilot project permanent, allowing the state to match contributions made into a 529 education account.
According to his biography, McKinney became the 38th Kansas treasurer on Jan. 5, 2009.
He brings to the office 20 years of public service on the county and state level that has emphasized careful management of taxpayer’s dollars while encouraging state investment in economic growth and creation of good paying jobs for Kansans.
It’s not an easy job, McKinney explained, noting that he “acts first and foremost as the state’s chief fiscal officer. He oversees and is responsible for state monies totaling more than $20.6 billion this year.”
Being careful with money isn’t new to him, either.
“I come from a farm background where we always watch every penny we spend. I have always believed that is what elected officials should do as well, and I take that attitude into the state’s treasurer’s office. Kansas taxpayers can be sure that their tax dollars are safe.”
Prior to becoming State Treasurer, McKinney was the minority leader in the Kansas House of Representatives for six years.
Before serving in the state legislature, he served as a Kiowa County Commissioner.
He is a farmer and a stockman in Kiowa and Comanche counties and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public finance and administration, both from Wichita State University.
A lifelong Kansan, McKinney resides in Greensburg with his wife Jean and their daughters Kelly and Lindy. Kelly is currently attending Kansas State University while Lindy attends Greensburg High School.