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Oils well that ends well
New county equipment will save time and money
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Not only will a new piece of equipment at the Road and Bridge Department do a better job than the old one it is replacing.
It will do a better job than the old one did even when it was brand new, Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips told the Barton County Commission this week.
The county is replacing its 1984 International truck and Etnyre 2,000-gallon oil tank with modern, computerized equipment that will do a better job and save the county valuable oil this construction season.
Phillips explained the new Etnyre unit will hold 3,500 gallons and because of the computer controls, the operator will have much more control over how the hot oil is applied, in all sorts of road projects. For example, he noted, there will be better control over the amount of oil used — without wasting it — as the unit oils around a curve in the road.
The county had planned to replace the old oil unit in 2008 but in 2009 the purchase was delayed so enough could be saved for the purchase.
It was then planned to spend $225,000 for the unit next year.
Now Phillips was able to get a demo unit for $168,410, after the demo discount and a $21,000 trade in for the old unit.
This purchase will leave the county with two reliable oil units, which means more can be accomplished this work season.