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Prosecution says Longoria was 'obsessed' with DeBolt
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Adam Joseph Longoria was obsessed with Alica DeBolt and the two exchanged dozen of text messages, according to the motions filed by Deputy Attorney General Victor Braden in Longoria’s capital murder case.

The attorney general’s office plans to introduce evidence of the relationship between 14-year-old DeBolt and Longoria, her alleged killer, during the summer of 2010. Motions file on June 30 outline a the relationship from the "start of a fixation" on July 17, 2010, until the night of Aug. 21, when the 36-year-old man allegedly tried to rape DeBolt, then killed her.

According to the prosecution, the two met at Longoria’s residence, at a birthday party for his live-in girlfriend, Eva Brown. A second party was held the following day, also at Longoria’s residence, but it did not include Brown. Instead, the state alleges, some of Longoria’s late-teen male acquaintances showed up with DeBolt.

One motion states, "Upon seeing Alicia, the defendant immediately became obsessed with her. He began to woo Alicia by fawning over her and providing her with mixed alcohol drinks. He wanted Alicia to be ‘his girl.’ When another male took her home at the end of the party, the defendant became upset, later accusing this individual of blocking his attempts to have sex with Alicia."

He and DeBolt exchanged 55 text messages that day. "He called her ‘miss shy’ and ‘hot stuff.’ The defendant told Alicia that he would like to take her to a movie and spend some time with her. At one point the 36-year-old man texted the 14-year-old girl ‘r u going 2 b my date?’. Alicia replied that she only wanted to be friends. At one point the defendant asked Alicia to send him a picture over the cell phone. She complied and the defendant texted back ‘Damn I like.’ When Alicia asked him his age, the 36-year-old defendant replied that he was 25."

They also exchanged 26 text messages on July 10, when Longoria attempted to get DeBolt into his car, the state alleges.

Shortly after midnight on July 21, 210, Longoria got a new cell phone and gave the old one to Brown. When Brown saw he and DeBolt had been texting, "she enters into a texting war with Alicia. The two exchanged 19 text messages over a 20-minute period." While Brown was reportedly telling DeBolt to stop talking to Longoria, the defendant was texting DeBolt to ignore Brown.

"When Alicia asked if he was dating Eva, he replied, ‘No ex.’ Alicia responded ‘She’s your wife!!!??’ and the defendant responded ‘She is not my wife!’"

Longoria reportedly tried to repair the relationship with DeBolt on July 22, and requested a picture of her by cell phone. At 5:29 p.m. on July 23, Longoria texted DeBolt, "U want 2 party 2nite, going out of town and might rent a limo.’ Alicia did not respond."

The state claims that Longoria had bragged to one of his late-teen acquaintances that he got DeBolt into the car and had sex with her.

"The bragging continued a pattern of conduct evidenced throughout the discovery. The State believes that these comments were figments of his imagination. It has evidence that the defendant has a creative imagination. He told acquaintances in Great Bend that he had been a football player at the University of Texas, a certified public accountant, and a bank money changer. In addition, he claimed to be a close relative of the actress, Eva Longoria."

The state claims DeBolt and Longoria exchanged 48 text messages the evening of July 31, when he offered to pick her up and take her to a birthday party. She replied she was already there. He later offered to give her a ride home, but she told him no.

"On Aug. 21, 2010, the defendant’s depraved fantasy came true. He started to text Alicia at 9:46 p.m. He lured Alicia into his vehicle, took her to an isolated area, attempted to rape her, and killed her."

Other motions filed by the state ask that the court consider a "hard 50" sentence if the jury convicts the defendant of anything less than first-degree murder.

Longoria’s next hearing is set for 9 a.m. July 21 in Barton County District Court. At that time District Judge Hannelore Kitts is expected to rule on pre-trial motions. A date for a trial has not been set.