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Roger Fry to introduce Tip of the Spear at book signing
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Local author Roger Fry will attend a book signing Wednesday, Dec. 18, at the Great Bend Public Library. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Local writer Roger Fry has created an American action hero for his novel, “The Chronicles of John Grant - Volume One: Tip of the Spear.” The public can hear him read from his new work at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 18, at the Great Bend Public Library, 1409 Williams St.
Fry will also have copies of his paperback novel available for sale and will sign copies after the reading. Until the book is officially released by Tate Publishing in February, the only way to purchase copies is from the author, or to download a electronic version in the bookstore at
Influenced by science fiction writers such as E.E. “Doc” Smith and Roger Heinlein, Fry created John Grant, a naval aviator and martial arts expert who faces a reptilian foe that has launched an attack on humanity.
“Seeing a lot of the breakdown of our society, things that don’t make any sense, inspired me to write,” Fry said. There are some spiritual insights wrapped inside this action story. Fry said he was inspired to create his fictional setting with a bigger-than-life character who manages to maintain his humanity.
“Our society has gone from ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ to ‘What’s In It For Me?’” Fry said. “We see it everywhere.” Grant sees the enemy and realizes there’s a spiritual struggle to live a morally upright life as he becomes the “tip of the spear” in the battle against mind-manipulating reptiles. Fry said he hopes readers will also see the tools for their own inner journeys. “We can cut the head off our own snakes and take control of our lives.”
“Tip of the Spear” is the first novel in what Fry hopes will become a trilogy. Tate Publishing will make the book available through online stores such as and after Feb. 1.
Fry is a 2008 graduate of the University of Colorado Denver where he earned his bachelor’s degree in communication and psychology. He attended Barton Community College and also earned a master’s in communication from Fort Hays State University in 2010. A native of Alaska, he has worked in the oilfields and other blue collar trades. Currently he and his wife raise red and black German shepherds.
Although this is Fry’s first time to publish his work through a publisher, the 60-year-old writer has self-published “Confessions of a Real Alcoholic,” sharing insights about 30 years of sobriety. “You know you’re a real alcoholic when everyone working in the detox ward knows you by your first name,” he writes. “You know you’re a real alcoholic when your 3-year-old is adept at fetching a beer out of the fridge for you.”
In “Confessions” and the John Grant novels, Fry wants readers to know there’s a better way to live, once they get to a turning point. “We have the power as individuals – as human beings."