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Shafer Gallery to host Finding Balance: A Landscape Exhibit
Ben Cowan Shoulder Rub
Ben Cowan, "Shoulder Rub" - photo by Photos courtesy of BCC

The Shafer Art Gallery’s summer exhibit “Finding Balance” is now open and will end with a closing reception from 6-8 p.m. Friday, August 7.

The exhibit is curated by Fort Hays State Art Instructor Joel T. Dugan.  It is a compilation of artists from the Midwest with a focus on the relationship people have with the unique landscape of the Midwest.

The curatorial statement by Dugan describes the feel and purpose of the exhibit.

“The artwork created by the artists of the Midwest has historically focused on themes of the land and man’s reliance upon it.  Many artists explore the landscape of the region as it pertains to our physical survival, domestic livelihood and spirituality.  In choosing the works for this exhibition, I selected artists that explore the presence of man’s footprint on the environment and the impact our surroundings have on us.  These works explore the spaces we inhabit, places we visit and memories. As we look forward and consider what the future holds, the landscape reminds us of the changes we have lived through.”

The exhibit features the following artists: Dugan, Bryon Darby, Ben Cowan, Matt Ballou, Megan Schaffer, Devin Mawdsley, Jacob Dudley, Mike Knutson, Eric Norby J, Jacob Crook, Daniel Coburn, Leeland Powers, Gordon Sherman, Molly Walters and Lara Shipley.

Contributing artist Matthew Ballou prepared the overall statement for the exhibit:

“Work selected for the exhibit was considered to be any art, which depicted the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments and related landscape subjects in a unique and engaging manner.”

Shafer Gallery Director Dave Barnes said the exhibit is not a traditional landscape show.

“Landscape is one of the most common and easily accessible genres of art,” he said.  “This exhibit pushes the boundaries of what we can expect of a landscape and what a landscaper can be. It is a strong, well-curated show.”