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Weather keeps crews busy
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Mother Nature and unfortunate human nature dominated efforts of the Barton County Road and Bridge Department, it was reported during the County Commission meeting Monday morning. The work came up as County Administrator Richard Boeckman presented highlights from the most recent county department activity reports.
Below is a recap of the activities.
 Road and Bridge
• On Dec. 31, 2012, Road and Bridge and Noxious Weed worked on snow and ice removal on County roads and on County property. Crews were called in at 8 a.m. and worked until 6 p.m. that day. Snow accumulations averaged three to five inches in the County with another inch of snow expected overnight.
• On Jan. 1, 2013, both departments were called in at 6 a.m. and worked until late afternoon on snow and ice removal duties. Some drifting overnight, freezing temperatures and lingering snow kept crews busy. County forces operated 20 pieces of equipment in clearing snow and ice as possible for safer roads related to the first major snow of the year.
• On Jan. 2, 2013, staff worked regular hours. Any snow left on roads after the previous two days of work was cleared. Snow and slush removal will continue throughout the week as required due to warmer temperatures melting ice from roadways.
• Repaired vandalized signs as needed.
• Replaced 911 Locator signs in northeast Barton County road intersections as part of an overall update plan brought about by new federal guidelines.
• Bridge work continued on NW 90 Avenue and NW 210 Road near Galatia.
• Three culvert replacements projects were completed.
• Mowing resumed on Dec. 27 in southwest Barton County near Pawnee Rock.
Noxious Weed
• Equipment repairs and building maintenance continues.
• Staff is assisting Road and Bridge and Memorial Parks as needed.
• Spraying around guard rails and sign posts is planned for the first week of January.
Memorial Parks
• Several graves were marked at county owned memorial parks.
Communications Director Doug Hubbard
2012 Statistics December
 911 landline calls – 392
911 wireless calls – 862
Administrative calls – 9,299
 Total Calls – 10,553
 Radio calls
 Calls for service – 3,659
Information Technology Director John Debes
• Monitoring the TTC, exchange servers and sonic wall firewall is a daily task. This year, the various systems stopped 2,671 spam messages, 47 viruses, 350 intrusions and four spyware attempts.
• Posted electronic payments for mortgage services.
• Processed the first 2012 tax year distribution run.
• Assisted the County Clerk’s Office with the last motor vehicle distribution.
• Provided the Treasurer’s Office help with the last delinquent real estate and personal property distributions, the end of year general ledger and the first 2012 tax year distribution.
• Assisted the Administrator’s Office with year end and year beginning payroll reports.
• Continued to research, order and install replacement equipment for various offices.