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Where do I vote?
Voting and advance voting answered
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As voters head to the poles today for the county-wide general election, Barton County Election Officer Donna Zimmerman has some last-minute reminders.
Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. And, even though federal Election Law requires that voters provide identification, those who have applied for and are listed as “permanent advanced voters” (who receive their ballots by mail) don’t have to bring their identification.
These voters have a disability or illness, and always cast advanced ballots.
However, every other voters must bring their IDs with them when they come to vote, she said.
Noon Monday was the deadline for voters to vote advanced ballots in person Zimmerman’s office, located on the second floor of the Courthouse in room 202. Today is the deadline for sick/disabled/illiterate voters to apply for an advanced voting ballot.
All advanced ballots must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office by 7 p.m., today. 
Council positions are available for the cities of Great Bend, Hoisington, Ellinwood, Claflin, Albert, Galatia, Olmitz, Pawnee Rock and Susank. School board spots will be available for Great Bend, Hoisington and Ellinwood. Spots for the Barton County Board of Trustees and Ellinwood Hospital District Board are also available.
In addition, there will be mayoral elections in Great Bend, Hoisington, Ellinwood, Albert, Galatia, Pawnee Rock and Susank. There is also a special question on establishing a recreation commission in Ellinwood.
But, voters don’t have to come to the courthouse to vote. Below are the polling places across Barton County:

Barton County voting places 
Hoisington City: 1st and 2nd wards - Meeting Room 1, Hoisington Activity Center, 1200 Susank Road, Main Entrance; 3rd and 4th wards - Meeting Room 2, Hoisington Activity Center, 1200 Susank Road, Main Entrance
Great Bend City: 1st Precinct – 1st Ward - Great Bend Recreation Commission Activity Center, 2715 18th St., east main entrance; 2nd Ward - First Congregational United, Church of Christ 3400 21st; 3rd Ward - Grace Community Church, 210 McKinley, North Entrance;  4th Ward - Front Door City of Great Bend, 1615 10th Street.
Albion Township, Eureka Township, North Homestead Township, South Homestead Township: Hoisington Activity Center, 1200 Susank Road, Hoisington, Arts and Crafts Room, Entrance on Northeast Side; Beaver Township, Cleveland Township, Union Township and Susank City: Beaver Fire Station,  588 1st Avenue, Beaver; Buffalo Township, Great Bend Townships A and B, Liberty Township, South Bend Township and Stafford County registered voters in USD 428: Faith Community Church Family Center, 293 West Barton Co. Rd – B, Great Bend, South Entrance; Cheyenne Township, Independent Township, Logan Township and Claflin City: Immaculate Conception Parish Hall, 110 E Williamson, Claflin; Clarence Township, Walnut-Albert Township and Albert City: Albert City Building, 2006 Main Street, Albert; Comanche Township, Lakin Township, Ellinwood City and Stafford County residents in USD 355: St. Joseph Parish Center, 110 West 2nd, Ellinwood; Fairview Township, Grant Township, Wheatland Township and Galatia City: Galatia Fire Station, 503 Main St., Galatia; Great Bend Township A: Barton County Community College, Science & Math Building; Great Bend Township B, South Bend Township: Barton County Historical Society Building, 85 S Hwy 281, Great Bend; Pawnee Rock Township and Pawnee Rock City: Pawnee Rock Depot, 410 Centre St., Pawnee Rock; Walnut – Olmitz Township and Olmitz City: Knights of Columbus Hall, 209 Main, Olmitz.
For more information, contact the Barton County Clerk’s Office at 620-793-1835.