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November Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage Licenses
Cameron J. Smith, Great Bend and Sarah J. Lear, Great Bend
Ryan John Sramek, Great Bend and Christina R. Robben, Great Bend
Michael A. Ramond Doyle, Great Bend and Alesandria J. Rein, Great Bend
Kolton Jay Cook, Great Bend and Anne M. Chipman, Great Bend
Ian Arthur Schaub, Great Bend and Kellie M. Stroud, Great Bend
Brook Alen Childer, Great Bend and Melissa S. McVey, Great Bend
Brannon Michael Coulson, Great Bend and Pennie Jean Bjork, Great Bend
Jeremy Douglas Reed, Hays and Brittany R. Funk, Hays
Stephanie Aguirre, Hoisington and Kristine Marie Apodaca, Hoisington
Richard E. Garcia, great Bend and Lindsay Reae Hames, Great Bend
Aaron Kent Pohlman, Ellinwood and Muriel N. Hunter, Ellinwood

Divorce Filings
Trenton R. Schlotthauer vs Linda K. Schlottheuer
Levi R. Rios vs Montana R. Rios
Robert Allen Weeks vs Tara F. Weeks
Danielle Sue Werth vs Brandon Joseph Werth
Ricky L. Smith vs Rose M. Smith
Tiffany Michelle Karst vs Zachary Tyler Karst