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October Marriage and Divorce filings
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Marriage Licenses
Nathan Kitchen, Great Bend and Kara Svaty, Great Bend
Gregory Albright, Great Bend and April Myers, Great Bend
Dustin Colston, Hoisington and Lindsey Zink, Hoisington
Jared Manning, Ellinwood and Jessica Muller, Ellinwood
Dalton Contrerez, Great Bend and Ashli Witten, Great Bend
Jordan Sammons, Great Bend and Lauren Glaze, Great Bend
Rodrigo Adame, Great Bend and Nakita Fischer, Gret Bend
Derreck Heuer, Great Bend and Kelly Storm, Great Bend
Terry Lewis, Great Bend and Cynthis Wittman, Great Bend
Joshua McCormick, Ellinwood and Abby Selvey, Ellinwood

Divorce Filings
Shala D. Ehrlich vs Chad S. Ehrlich
Babara Camara vs Mallory Camara
Matthew R. Madden vs Lisa R. Madden
Nicholas O. Hamit vs Norma A. Hamit
Mark David Harris vs Barbara A. Harris
Corry L. Rowe vs Ryan R. Rowe
Sonia N. Cortez vs Juan Cortez Vaidez